Bagged or pneumatic (silo) services are available for fast delivery.  Multiple high grade option are available to fit your irrigation needs.

​Broadcast Gypsum

Solution Grade Gypsum


AgNow, Corp. takes pride in providing only the best dairy compost in the industry.  It is processed to exceed the current industry standards required for organic certification and steps are taken to even further achieve unparalleled consistency.  These unique processes give us the ability to have the finest available base for your custom blend or compost needs

Sulfur, Dolomite, Lime and much more!

Premium Dairy compost (OMRI Certified)


 AgNow, is extremely proud to have partnered with Ida-Ore Zeolite.  Zeolite amended soils show both increased water retention and nutrient utilization. On top of this, Zeolite fertilizer soil amendments can outperform other amendments by increasing the CEC levels in your soil.

AZOMITE is a natural mineral substance which is mined directly from its Utah desert source. OMRI-Listed for organic production, AZOMITE can be used as an agricultural fertilizer and/or soil amendment product, It is easy and safe to use and good for the environment. 

We our proud to offer our local growers the finest, organically certified, high grade mined gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate) available on the market.  We have local inventory available for same day service if needed.  Additionally, we offer an exclusive highly processed and fine ground recycled product as an competitive alternative.  ​​​

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AgNow, Corp. is a full service provider of all mineral soil amendments and high grade dairy compost. We have a full line of OMRI certified products and exclusive offerings available.  We offer a variety of full turn-key solutions from field spreading to silo fill services. We also offer full blending services to provide our customers with the ability to custom tailor their soil amendments with compost to their specific requirements.

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​Examples of ​Our Products:

When the highest grade products available are teamed with our commitment to customer service, it is obvious why AgNow, Corp. is becoming the choice for our California Growers.

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